Mikado powered by Scorpion @ RAM 2017!

Rotor Asia Masters 2017 in Chengdu, China, is in the books and has been a huge success for both Mikado Model Helicopters and Scorpion Power System! Mikado and Scorpion Team Pilot Alex Wiehenstroth flying his LOGO 700, powered by Scorpion Tribunus ESC and Scorpion motor and equipped with VBar Control and VBar NEO, made it to the top of the podium for the 3D competition, and Georges van Gansen, CEO of Scorpion Power System and dedicated helicopter pilot himself, defeated his contesters in the Speed Cup.

Enjoy a couple of impressions from the event!


Let the games begin! The Arena CD demoing the LOGO 700! CD and Alex do a duet! Georges calling for Alex Powered by Scorpion! In VBar Control we trust! Alex Wiehenstroth and his LOGO 700 Who's proud to be on the team? Alex and CD and their toys Mikado Asia in the house! Mikado-Scorpion family And the Champion is: Alex Wiehenstroth! Georges van Gansen, proud winner of the Speed CupA podium of Champions! A proud winner! Scorpion family! Enjoy Asian food!

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