27. April 2020 webmaster

VTV Live Stream: Behind the Scenes of VBar Control/Touch

We are happy to announce the next episode of VTV. This time, we target our friends in English speakting and overseas regions, so we choose a time where its best for you in the U.S. and Canada. We will show you the insides of our VBar Control, hard and software-wise, and the radio technology. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about these topics.

Please use this thread in our forum: https://www.vstabi.info/forum/read.php?65,180728

Please understand that we can not keep track of discussions, or answer specific questions, on social media. So if you have questions, please ask us directly, e.g. at our forums.

We already have a Guest confirmed in our Show: we are very happy to welcome Ron Thomas to join us! If you ever had a question about Mikado products and VBar/VBar Control in the U.S., you probably know him already.

We start at Wednesday April 29, 2020  EST 20:00, CST 19:00, MST 18:00, PST 17:00, UTC 1:00 (Thursday).