3. Juni 2020 webmaster

Dive into Macrocells on Wed 6/3/2020 at 21:00 MESZ = 19:00 UTC

We would like to invite our english speaking friends to join us for this live stream. We will do some „hands on“ demos, so be sure to have your radio, a NEO VBasic or Pro with Macrocells and a servo or two at hand.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about this topic at our forum. We will try to answer them directly and live in the show.

Rainer and Uli will show you how easy Macrocells are to use, and how much fun you can have with this neat feature!

Use this thread at our forum for questions in advance, during and after the show:


The link to the live stream will appear on the main page of our site: www.vstabi.info. See you at Wednesday! We will provide a recording here a day or two after the show as well, as usual.