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Don’t miss the Raffles at the IRCHA Jamboree 2017!

Team Mikado is en route to Muncie, Indiana! Of course we will again raffle off VBar NEOs this year, during our Power Hours on Friday 4th of August (11-12 a.m.) and Saturday 5th of August (3-4 p.m.), at the center stage.

As a little change, this year there will be no key chain numbers any more, just the online registration. So please visit our VStabi web site to register, or visit our booth at the IRCHA Jamboree to scan the QR code with your mobile.

All you need is your pilot registration number (which you have on your Pilot ID Badge), name and a valid e-mail-address.

Pilot ID Badge

Pilot ID Badge

Feel free to share and tell your buddies! If you don’t have service at the event, you can also use a buddies phone or computer to register, there is no need to log in or confirm, just make sure you have no typo in your pilot number and e-mail-address 😉

And here you go: IRCHA Jamboree 2017 Mikado Raffle.

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