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2017 Major Events in the U.S. by Doug Darby

Here’s a non-comprehensive list of fun flies and events in the U.S. where chances are good to meet guys of the VTeam, check out Mikado stuff and ask all the big and small questions about it, which have possibly been on your mind.

My 2017 VTeam Fun Fly Schedule 

It’s time to start planning the 2017 schedule of events.

Some of these events I have already registered for, and a few are the „regulars“ that I try to make every year mainly because they are so much fun.

I certainly hope to see many of you along the way at some of these events.

February 24-26—The Fabulous Las Vegas Fun Fly—William Bennett Field
This event is growing this year with pilots from across the land (and sea) as Kenny Ko from Taiwan will be attending as well as a host of other great pilots. Mikado USA is sponsoring and I’m sure we will see Kyle Dahl as well as Ben, Jamie, Tim, Nick, and a host of Align and A Main pilots from across the country. It will be my first time to Las Vegas but I’m pretty sure it will be a rocking event and the time of year should bring us a reasonable chance at some great spring weather…

March 24-26 Cajun Heli Fest in Crowley Louisianna
Another great event where the club treats the attendees to some of the best Cajun food and entertainment in the WORLD. Saturday night this year they are having a local Cajun Band entertain during the night fly… another must-attend event for me.

April 7-9 Apache Pass Southeast of Austin Texas
A huge field and facility with great food and facilities very close.

April 20-May 7—8th Annual Heli Spring Fling in Fredricksburg VA just south of Washington DC
Yes this event is open for a full week with weekends on both ends. That way if you can’t make one weekend, you can make the next. Or stay the entire time. It is one beautiful facility with morning and afternoon flying stations so the sun is always at your back and great night flying too. It is just minutes away from great hotels and also wonderful dining options as well as great sightseeing options.

May 5-6—Mayday Fun Fly in Sulphur Lousianna
Great Cajun hospitality and a fun place to hang out.

June 23-25—Central Kansas Heli FF located East of Salina KS
New event for me this year but it looks like fun.

June 2-4–St. Louis Whirlybird FF – Located near St. Louis Missouri

July 29-August 6—IRCHA 2017—Enough Said…

September 21-24—HeliExtravaganza at the Tripletree Aerodrome in SC.
A world class facility..

September 29-October 1 – Heli Mowdown in Fredricksburg VA
Their Fall Event

October 27-28—20th Annual Aero Hobbies Fun Fly in Grapevine TX
My home town event that has been going on for 20 years. It’s a great event with great fun and great people.

November 3-5—Southwest Heli Rodeo near Phoenix AZ
A fabulous event made even better by the unbelievable weather at that time of the year… I predict a 5th year of.. Sunny… 80 deg F… No wind…. At a great facility. The best way to wind down a very fun year.

I sure hope to see some of you along the way! I am sure the VTeam will be well represented across the country and the world.

Some day I want to get to one of the great European events.

See you all along the 2017 FF trail…

Doug Darby

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