Mikado Team Pilots

29 Mai 2017

Mikado @ Vatertags-Helitreffen MFC Heidelberg

Impressionen vom Fluggelände des MFC Heidelberg – bei schönem Wetter konnten wir traditionell die erste große Veranstaltung des Jahres in…

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Hello Everybody! 😉Just one week ago I had the best experience in my all life for the Biggest Competition in the World! (AirFormula(3DXAsiaPacific)) ☺️I went there with my friend and Team Mate Kyle Dahl, we spent a lot of good time, China is great!I will never forget this wonderful week!With this Win I want to say thank you to my Family as first for all the help and effort!Charlie Song, Organizer of the event, you did a great job!💪A big thank to all my Sponsors:- Mikado Model Helicopters- Scorpion Power System co., ltd.- Optipower Europe- Savox- DryFluids - Schmierstoffe- VTX Designs

Posted by Mirko Cesena on Donnerstag, 10. November 2016
10 Nov 2016

Enjoy one week travelling to 3DX China with Mirko Cesena and Kyle Dahl.

Mirko Cesena 10. November um 11:32 · Hello Everybody! 😉 Just one week ago I had the best experience in my all…

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