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The Majesty of Dust—a video by Kyle Dahl

The Majesty of Dust

The Majesty of Dust

****** THE MAJESTY OF DUST ******I found a flying spot that was SUPER DUSTY!! and decided to have some FUN with it! I made this Short Film to capture the essence of this Dusty Field!! Watch to see some AMAZING flying shots and LIKE and SHARE if you love this video!!! Thank you Xpert RC USA for supporting the filming of this Video!Along with my other sponsorsMikado USAScorpion Power System co., ltd.VTX DesignsOptipower USA Optipower EuropeRcproplus

Posted by Kyle Dahl on Mittwoch, 29. November 2017

RPM in SlowMotion—Logo Fusion 690 gepostet von Kyle Dahl

Kyle Dahl LOGO Fusion

Kyle Dahl showing an impressive flight in front of a stunning scenery, with the LOGO 690 Fusion.
If you like it, don’t forget to give him some props 🙂

RPM in SlowMotion – Logo Fusion 690

Sometimes I need a break from normal High RPM competition flying… Thats when I love my LOGO FUSION 690! RPM in SlowMotion! LIKE and SHARE if you love the smoothness and precision of Low RPM Flying! 1300 and 1800 RPM <3 Thanks to my Sponsors!! Mikado Model Helicopters Optipower USA Vbar Control VTX Designs RcproplusScorpion Power System co., ltd. Mikado USA Rc heli hangout team #RickandMorty #Remix

Posted by Kyle Dahl on Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017

SmackTalk Episode 31—Mikado VBar Control

We want to share one of the latest releases from smacktalkrc.com—enjoy!

Join Bobby Watts and Kyle Stacy in the longest most in-depth SmackTalk RC episode to date as they discuss the newest radio by Mikado: The VBar Control. Join in as they go over everything from absolute basics, setup, updating/loading applications, basic flight parameters, and even expert tuning tips that you won’t find anywhere else! Whether you are just taking a VBar Control radio out of the box and need some setup help – or you are an avid user just looking for some advanced tips, this episode is for you!

Read more

Windows 10 & VBar NEO / VBar Control

Its working again! We are not completely sure when it is rolled out for other languages, but here in Germany you can now download a „Quality Update“ called KB4038788 which simplifies the use of all NEO´s and VBar Controls again even in Bootloader Mode, without the need of the Workaround we provided earlier this year.

The Update will be installed automatically if you have the automated update enabled, or if you trigger it manually by explicitly requesting the Windows Update.

It’s quite annoying that there is no word in the change logs, nor any response to our detailed technical bug reports at all. However, its working again now, so enjoy your V Products with latest Windows!

Es geht wieder! Mit dem „kumulativen Qualitätsupdate“ Namens „KB4038788“ funktionieren wieder alle Bootloader auf der NEO und allen VBar Controls ohne den Workaround, den wir zur Verfügung gestellt haben.

Das Update installiert sich beim normalen Update von Windows 10 automatisch, wenn man Auto-Update aktiviert hat. Man kann es auch manuell antriggern, indem man explizit nach neuen Updates suchen lässt.

Es ist etwas seltsam, das die Korrektur nirgends in den Changelogs verzeichnet ist, und auf unsere sehr detaillierte Fehlerbeschreibung nicht die geringste Reaktion erfolgt ist. Aber egal, Hauptsache der Fehler ist behoben, und die Verwendung unserer Produkte ist wieder so einfach wie es gedacht war.

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Mikado News Flash:Windows 10 & VBar NEO / VBar Control Its working again! We are not completely sure when it is…

Posted by Mikado Model Helicopters on Donnerstag, 14. September 2017

Mikado powered by Scorpion @ RAM 2017!

Rotor Asia Masters 2017 in Chengdu, China, is in the books and has been a huge success for both Mikado Model Helicopters and Scorpion Power System! Mikado and Scorpion Team Pilot Alex Wiehenstroth flying his LOGO 700, powered by Scorpion Tribunus ESC and Scorpion motor and equipped with VBar Control and VBar NEO, made it to the top of the podium for the 3D competition, and Georges van Gansen, CEO of Scorpion Power System and dedicated helicopter pilot himself, defeated his contesters in the Speed Cup.

Enjoy a couple of impressions from the event!


Let the games begin! The Arena CD demoing the LOGO 700! CD and Alex do a duet! Georges calling for Alex Powered by Scorpion! In VBar Control we trust! Alex Wiehenstroth and his LOGO 700 Who's proud to be on the team? Alex and CD and their toys Mikado Asia in the house! Mikado-Scorpion family And the Champion is: Alex Wiehenstroth! Georges van Gansen, proud winner of the Speed CupA podium of Champions! A proud winner! Scorpion family! Enjoy Asian food!

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Mikado News Flash:Mikado powered by Scorpion @ RAM 2017! Rotor Asia Masters 2017 in Chengdu, China, is in the books…

Posted by Mikado Model Helicopters on Donnerstag, 31. August 2017

Don’t miss the Raffles at the IRCHA Jamboree 2017!


Team Mikado is en route to Muncie, Indiana! Of course we will again raffle off VBar NEOs this year, during our Power Hours on Friday 4th of August (11-12 a.m.) and Saturday 5th of August (3-4 p.m.), at the center stage. Read more

Raffle: Grab your VBar NEO at Global 3D in Venlo!


The GLOBAL 3D will be held in Venlo, Netherlands from July 7 th-9th 2017.

Team Mikado will be there of course at this competition. Please stop by there at the Mikado booth, say hello—and register for the Raffle to win a NEO or more.

You can also pre-register at our web site, see the article for a direct link!

Good luck—and see you in Venlo!

Pre-Registration Link

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New article on our web site:Raffle: Grab your VBar NEO at Global 3D in Venlo! The GLOBAL 3D will be held in Venlo,…

Posted by Mikado Model Helicopters on Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017

Electronics used at Global 3D 2017

We have compiled some data according to the information given by the pilots, at the registration for the event. VBar is on top of the list of pilots flying competitions, and VBar Control is also first among the radios.  Read more