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RPM in SlowMotion—Logo Fusion 690 gepostet von Kyle Dahl

Kyle Dahl LOGO Fusion

Kyle Dahl showing an impressive flight in front of a stunning scenery, with the LOGO 690 Fusion.
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RPM in SlowMotion – Logo Fusion 690

Sometimes I need a break from normal High RPM competition flying… Thats when I love my LOGO FUSION 690! RPM in SlowMotion! LIKE and SHARE if you love the smoothness and precision of Low RPM Flying! 1300 and 1800 RPM <3 Thanks to my Sponsors!! Mikado Model Helicopters Optipower USA Vbar Control VTX Designs RcproplusScorpion Power System co., ltd. Mikado USA Rc heli hangout team #RickandMorty #Remix

Posted by Kyle Dahl on Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017